17 March, 2008

In The Studio

As always, if you're here to see my artwork, click the My Artworks label in the right hand column.

Wall Easel in Action

Bald Ridge, Heath and Hut
Casey Klahn
Details To Be Posted

Bald Ridge, Heath and Snow
Casey Klahn
Details Later

Back in the studio for me! Mornings continue to be my personal time, when I can be up @ 4 AM (Oh-dark hundred, as we used to say) and making art.

Here are some images that I have been working on, and I may take some of them back down after I get the good camera photos.

The first photo shows my new wall easel in action. Yesterday I moved the big easel to the new studio, and this morning I re-assembled it.


Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Sorry to read you have been unwell. Do 4am starts signal a full recovery?! Take care.

Casey Klahn said...

Having a bit of a relapse, now. Mostly fatigue. Overall, things are going the right direction.

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