20 March, 2008

Spring Drawings

Behind the Garage
Graphite on Sketch Paper
7" x 8.5"
Casey Klahn

The Greenhouse in Snow
Graphite on Sketch Paper
5" x 7.25'
Casey Klahn

New Drawings. I'll have some paintings photographed to post for the near term soon.


Todd Camplin said...

A while back you talked about my site, thank you. I have added a link to your page, if that is ok. By the way, I love these quick drawings and I enjoy my visits here.

Yellow said...

These are very lively. Was it windy there at the time? I sense the suggestion of wind.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Yellow and Todd. Thanks for the link, Todd!
It's always windy here, but the effect you see is a drawing trick I learned from the Famous Artists School course I took as a youth. Continuous lines and rapid gestures.

Anonymous said...

I like how you made it. Happy spring!

df said...

I love the simple drawings. Very nice.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks to Natalie and Dee.

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