21 April, 2008

Blue Trees in the Middle Distance

Blue Trees in the Middle Distance
@8" x 5"
Casey Klahn

Because these latest works do diverge from my New School Color style a little, I am creating a catch phrase for them. So far, I am want to say, "I'm doing landscapes, now". Don't worry, though, the colorist pieces are still being created in my studio.

One thing I discovered recently is that the less detail I give to these distant and middle distant trees, the better I like the painting. Shapes! Color notes! That's the thing.

Via Katherine, and then Robert Genn, comes this quote by Clive Bell:
"Detail is the heart of realism, and the fatty degeneration of art."


MadSilence said...

Congratulations on winning the Arte y Pico Award.



Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, and right back at'chya, M.S.

Hey, thanks for the wonderful words at the linked post. I have the darndest time finding info on blog authors at Wordpress. Could you link us your names, please?

I have been perusing your blog, too, with enjoyment.

Casey Klahn said...

I am carefully crafting my response to the Arte y Pico Award, BTW.

Deborah Paris said...

These last 2 landscapes are quite lovely Casey. love the color saturation.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Deborah. I see a series developing, and am going to post the latest five or six together soon. I find that seeing a group in a post helps to define a direction.

Anonymous said...

this painting is beautiful! I love the colors, so rich!


Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Sara!

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