14 April, 2008

Pastel Ascendance

By the Heath Place
April, 2008
8.5" x 7.25"
Casey Klahn

The Plein Air Project at pastelsblog (Pastel) is finally out of the door and basking in the sun. Well, not today, when it's raining. Tomorrow, the forecast is for snow again! Now you know why I had to get out on the weekend while the getting was good!

The Plein Air Project, at Pastel, has been linked to the Wolf Kahn Project at this blog. The main reason is that WK is interested in nature, and I am trying to infuse a little more nature in my own art. Also, I love Kahn's drawing style, and wish to learn from it. I notice that I am straying a bit from that, and want to get back to studying the master's scribbley drawings. Perhaps I'll have to make a few trips with sketchbook only, or take along a few images by Kahn for reference.


jafabrit said...

I am hoping to get out and do some sketching today. It is good to get outside :)

Casey Klahn said...

Good on you, Corrine!

It snowed this AM.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Lovely soft, romantic colour notes, Casey. Spring must be getting to you. Of course, it must be hard for you to believe it's spring - with snow again!

daviddrawsandpaints said...

I pour over Wolfie's pastels always trying to learn from him. Ultimately, however,I know we have to just be ourselves and the master's influence with be there in our own marks.
This painting of yours has a quality of abstraction that I hope for one day!

Casey Klahn said...

Great to have you reading, Robyn and David.

I think your beach scenes do have that quality of abstraction, David.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Am I an idiot? I couldn't get your plein air link to work in this post. I want to know what it is! :(

Casey Klahn said...


I have learned to trust when Maggie finds a problem. I should have listened to her when she alerted me to a subscription problem many moons ago.

Maggie Stiefvater said...

Darn straight, Casey!

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