27 April, 2008

Recent Landscape in Violet

Violet World
7" x 5"
Casey Klahn

A Sunday extra. Enjoy.


Unknown said...

Lovely saturated colour, Casey! I am only a bit irritated by the title because this is more blue than violet on my monitor - unless you want to tease the viewer a bit by the title...lol

Casey Klahn said...

Do not adjust your sets! (An old TV saying in the states...)

The scan is more blue than the actual artwork. I am doing these scans while the photographer is out of town, and they have required some Photoshop.

The saturation is true, and the colors are @ 95% accurate, I guess.

I am holding the original next to my monitor, and the violets are mostly lost. The intensity of pastel is, as you know, crazily intense.

I'll be getting these done with the Nikon D80 and Tungsten light set-up shortly, and the comparison will be fun to see.

Thanks very much for reading, Petra.

Unknown said...

Casey - I look forward to see the "original". The issue with scanning and monitor really can become a problem - f.e. my scanner "reproduces" the images perfectly - just as in reality but as soon as I have too much reds in the images the scanner thinks it must tone it down - so each time I have to adjust this in photoshop.
Casey - did you ever try to adjust your scanner if that is possible?

Generally I prefer scanning of my paintings instead of photographing them. The colours are much more natural - even if I have to collage the image. And it's cheaper...

elisa said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the intensity. I know the colors are a little off with the blue vs. purple but it’s still a beautiful composition.

Casey Klahn said...

Those are some good ideas, Petra. I never thought about adjusting my old scanner. Plus, my wife's scanner is newer, but smaller and maybe not as deluxe. I may compare with hers. On the other hand, mine is very old.

With juries, I must toe the line and do the photography. My wife, who enjoys photography, took a class from a fellow who takes art shots professionally.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Elisa Ann! Thanks for reading.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Elisa Ann! Thanks for reading.

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