08 April, 2008

Subscription Straightened Out

Grass Knoll
10" x 7"
Mar 08
Pastel Drawing on Rives BFK Heavyweight
Casey Klahn

The Colorist may now be subscribed to at Feedburner at this address:

Once I get comfortable that this new feed is working, I may rename that address suffix. For those of you who have wished to subscribe via Feedburner in the past, but couldn't, I hope this remedies that. I use Bloglines and enter the URL manually, or you may also wish to try Google Reader.

If there are any lingering problems with my subscriptions, please let me know.

Special extra thanks to Katherine for her bird-dogging this pesky problem with me. She cared enough to let me know how my blog was issuing weird and annoying pop-ups that somehow related to my having a bad address at Feedburner. Take home lesson? Don't type-in third party boxes while sleepy!

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