13 May, 2008

Art Blogs in Washington State

My home is in Lincoln County - I see no other houses from mine, so this map must be about right. Since it's a possibility that my side of the mountains (eastern Washington) could get left out in a list of this type, I will post one before this happens ;)

Art Blogs Washington:

Update June 11, 2009

Binky Bergsman
Jan Heigh
Lisa McShane
Neece Clark

The Colorist
Steve Hill
Shann Spishak
Jennifer Evenhus
Jason Waskey
David Patterson
Nancy Merkle
Miki Willa
Jennifer Phillips
Daniel Smith Art Supplies by Deborah Burns
Kathleen Cavender
Jennifer Robin

For updates, view my label: Washington State Art Blog


Binky said...

Can I be added to The Art Blogs is Washington State? I'm in Snohomish County and an artist who works in pastel but mostly in encaustic.

Anonymous said...

thanks Casey!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Washington art blogger out in Ocean Shores, WA. I found you through Kathy Cartwright's blog! May I be added? http://peggy.stermer-cox.com

I'd be pleased to add a reciprocal link to my site.

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