01 May, 2008

Arte y Pico

Thanks loads to my blogger friend, JAFABRIT, for this exciting and handsome award. Blogger bling is much appreciated, and I always enjoy being sent some kudos. Go here for the citation, and for the rules. When I award my five, they must read the rules and follow the meme. Or, some bad thing may happen, such as the lost opportunity for more readership!

I so much like the looks of this little statue that I may have to Photoshop it on a mantle and frame it for my new studio wall.

I award this meme to the following bloggers that exemplify:
"creativity, design, interesting material and also that contribute to the blogging community no matter what language."
  1. Eden Compton
  2. Vivien Blackburn
  3. Harry Bell
  4. Joan DaGradi
  5. David Cornelius

Thanks again, Corrine.


harry bell said...

Thanks for the award, Casey. Much appreciated. I see I've managed to award one of mine to someone on your list, so she must be worth it!

Casey Klahn said...

We do move in small circles in the art blogging environment. I'm trying to record the local ones in my latest post, and it's hard to do with so few .

The regatta work is good stuff. I hardly noticed the red because I was mesmerized by the shapes.

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