08 May, 2008

The Klahndromat

The Klahndromat

The results of last week's remodel in our pantry. We discarded the old washing machine & utility sink, tore up the floors and walls, and then leveled the floor and installed vinyl wall boards, a new sink and one of those new-fangled "high efficiency" washing machines.

We paid extra for the
glass top on the machine, but the picture tells why. And yes, that is our dryer on the platform. A space saving idea that is working out for the better.

And now you know what keeps me
busy when I'm not in the studio!


jafabrit said...

yes life does that LOL! and we have to put stoves in or wash dishes, or redo a laundry room.

My sis got a new machine that is a washer and dryer in one, I mean in the same drum! Never heard of those before. I think it makes more sense to have the dryer on the platform. I think I may have to have a honey do chat with the love of my life ;)

all the best to you and yours

jafabrit said...

ps. I like the title of your blog entry :)

Casey Klahn said...

We just needed a new washer, that's all! Around this old house, each project expands to meet the sanity remaining.

Imagine the old washer facing west, and the dryer facing north in the same square. It was crowded. Now, we have that nice area the kids are standing in.

BTW, after my operation, about 2.5 months ago, we got behind on doing laundry. Pictured are the two laundry creators - and they are good at that!

So, we were way behind, and then the old washer quit. I should write a review on our new Maytag, as we have done about 50-60 loads non-stop. And we experimented with "he" detergent, liquid vs. powder, old school detergent, additives, soap quantity, etc.

Fun stuff.

Adam Cope said...

hiya casey

ha ha ha - "each new project expands to meet the snaity remaining"

glad u r busy! great laundry & looks like two great (big) kids as well.

like the previous barn post - wanted to chip in with my old fauvist barn crack, but thought better of it....

admire the artwork in between it all as well.


Casey Klahn said...

Those Wild Beasts, again!

Love 'em.

Hope all is well in France.

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