19 May, 2008


No Rules!

Things are blooming all over the place, with spring blossoms on the apple, pear and cherry trees. In the studio, the fruits of the past few weeks of labor are beginning to bloom, too. In a moment of spark, I have made an artistic breakthrough! I needed a chance to find the center of what is motivating me, and this picture from Italy popped up on the CRT and hit the target.

See the full story on this when I post the big image.

Pear Tree in Bloom

Apple Tree in Bloom

Speaking of original art, the Molekine that Yellow is beginning has been themed "Genesis." Another special thing about this sketch book is that it will eventually make it's way from Scotland where it originates, to my remote mailbox in the hinterlands of eastern Washington, USA. On the way, it also will have sojourns around Scotland, Northern Ireland and also New York City, and Illinois, near Chicago.

We are collaborating on a new blog: Moleskine Exchange.

The idea is from the Molesinex17 project blog. The type of sketch book is the unusual Japanese model, which is an accordion fold design. The concept is to provide some continuity to each book, and then one may display all the entries at once. Artists will be posting the results at their blogs and at the Exchange blog. I'll not post my own sketches, so that the next guy down the line will have a surprise when the book arrives in the mail.

Participants are:

Brian McGurgan, NYC.
Lindsay, US Midwest.
Gesa Helms, Scotland.
Steph (AKA "Yellow"), England.
Lor Lor, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Casey Klahn, Washington State.
David Cornelius, Scotland.
Vivien Blackburn, England.

Updated from the original post. Let me know if there are errors in this list, please.

Cherry Tree in Bloom

Mention was made at Sue Smith's Ancient Artist of moi. An uplifting post about artist's block/motivation for the over-fifty artist. A quote from Sue:
Believe that there is enough time to do what you are supposed to do.

On the other side of the planet from me, in Australia, I have posted an image for competition at Kim Barker's Laketrees blog.


Lindsay said...

Casey, I'm excited to see your new work.This is very beautiful and loose. So expressive.
I'm looking forward to this exchange. Fun to be in one with you!

Lindsay said...

PS Vivien Blackburn is in too!

Casey Klahn said...

I'll have to post an update.

Thanks for the kudos, Lindsay.

harry bell said...

This looks like an exciting project, Casey. I look forward to seeing how it develops. But isn't Steph in England, not Scotland - in the North East, in fact, just down the coast from me?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Harry. I've been sweating bullets trying to get the proper I.D. on these eight bloggin artists. A bit like herding cats!

I'm not the head of this group, BTW. The light and inspiration is Stephanie, herself.

I used to get A grades in geography, but now have forgotten more than most will ever learn, you know.

Hello, I looked it up, and it is, indeed, over a hundred K. from Scotland.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Beautiful tree photos, Casey. I'm still looking forward to the BIG picture.

Casey Klahn said...

I need to black out a room in the studio. As it now stands, we have to wait til dark for photo shoots, which is later and later every night.

Usually, the mommy & the daddy are po@ped by nightfall! My littlest one will graduate from pre-school (with cap & gown) tonight.

Life marches on.

Yellow said...

Casey, I agree that I won't be posting the drawings from my Moley, so that the recipient can get a suprprise when they receive it. I suppose we can post images of the book we receive before we draw in it ourselves. Good point, wll made.

Anonymous said...

Casey, this is absolutely beautiful!

Your photos make me miss WA.

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