31 May, 2008

Technorati & Art Fair

It has been fun watching a goal come together and bear fruit. I set my goal about 3 or 4 months ago to increase my Technorati "Authority". I guess I didn't enjoy watching it take a little dip, and wondered how to add to the pesky little number. As a byproduct, the authority at Pastel has risen, too.

For my humble blog, a "45" is gratifying. If for no other reasons than just to see that there is some readership, and also just to see a plan come together. I get some fun out of reading other bloggers' authorities, as I find new blogs that way.

Now, anyone know where to find that spiffy widget that tells one's Technorati authority on it? I have tried their widget inventory and I cannot find it.

Today I visited all of my cronies at the Spokane ArtFest, which I am not participating in this year. For a news report on the fair, and art fairs in general, visit my blog, The Endless Summer Art Fair, soon. I will cross post half of the report here, as well, with pictures of some of your favorite artists in their booths.

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