05 May, 2008

Top 20 Art Blogs?

Violet Woods
6.25" x 9.2"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn

The Top 20 Art Blogs. I think from the perspective of the subject of contemporary art, rather than art itself, this may be a useful list. Provided originally by The Met, it came to me via All Things Visual (University of Chicago). Although I like to read about the subject of art, art history and criticism, I much prefer to view the real Magilla.

For a great list of top artist blogs, see the list compiled by Kim Barker at Laketrees.blogspot. Find The Colorist at rank # 43, which is calculated by Kim from viewing Technorati authorities. A fun way to peruse art blogs is to open and view a blog's authority, and scroll down the list of who links to that blog.

Emptyeasel.com has their list of the eight must-read art blogs for 2008.

The thing I'm looking for when I'm trying to sift up new artist or art blogs is some eclecticism. The typical blogroll is biased towards the same type of art that the blog author creates. Examples of niche groups include: oil painters, pastelists, daily painters, illustrators, comic art, and crafters. These groups are perfectly fine, but I want to get out and mingle!

As I am searching for these lists, I notice that many lists are for the "top art blogs in Washington DC/New England/Berlin, etc." That gives me the idea of putting together the one for Washington State. Of course, I'd be doing this out of pure self-defense, since the eastern side of our fair state is often not considered in publications generated from the urban corridor centered in Seattle. I'm not complaining, here. Just keeping the word out that rural artists exist.


Anonymous said...

Love this piece! The oranges are awesome.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Meg!

Stay tuned. I'm working on a little eastern Wash., Wash. State post.

Kim said...

a beautiful pastel Casey...the harmony in colour is very refreshing...
I will have to check out those lists that you have posted as I am such a list 'junkie' :)
thanks for the mention and I think your idea of a rural artists' list is great ..:)

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Kim. The list is in the "hopper".

Unknown said...

Hi Casey - love this piece. The colours are wonderfully warm and intense. Great impact of the light!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Petra.

Making A Mark said...

I think top art blogs by state is a great idea!

Casey Klahn said...

I have that post written, Katherine. On Wash. State.

My problem is it got too big for one post, and of course, I don't have enough eastern Wa. artist bloggers!

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