19 June, 2008

Art Is As Art Does

The BBC has posted a shaggy review of Bob Dylan's fine art exhibition in Great Britain.


While I am more than happy to see actual art critique coming from a newspaper, it is difficult to take this one at face value. No wonder Bob Dylan has been shy to show his artwork. I think he knows it won't be a free ride, and it is inevitable that his paintings will be held up against his song writing and music-making talents as a comparative measure.

I have news: there is no comparison anywhere to Dylan's song writing. He is his own genre, and the word genius is certifiably and forever attached to him in the music world. Now, how does anyone, including the fine artist Bob Dylan, ever stand up to that?

The following vid has Dylan's work in print in a Scottish venue (small and new gallery).

Here we have a Welsh gallery opening, but the proprietor's word-rich interview almost puts the truth to the Beeb's negative spin.

Thanks to Katherine for keeping us up on the Bob Dylan art events.


Anonymous said...

Bob Dylan is a God.

Casey Klahn said...

Here you go, Daniel: Isaiah 45:5.

Keep up the cartooning!

Kim said...

his work certainly has a Van Gogh flavour to it ..
I would have liked to have seen more of the figure work...that looked really interesting..
I saw the film last week and not being a fan of Dylan's it was good to get an insight into the man and his work...
have a good weekend Casey :)

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Kim.

Martha Marshall said...

Great fun, Casey! Thanks for sharing that.

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