18 July, 2008

Bellevue Fair is Next Weekend

Thin on posts these days! With the Bellevue coming up, I am scrambling in the studio to get ready. A studio assistant is coming today to help, and so the posts will have to wait a while.

I have installed the Blogger active blogroll widget, but it is time consuming today. Please be patient if your blog doesn't show up, yet. Feel free to request a link, BTW. I will definitely consider it, but will hold to a few standards: good content; regular posting; generally fine art oriented.

Thanks for reading!


lmp said...

Can't wait to see your posts from the Bellevue Fair. Must be nice to have a studio assistant. Not sure what I would have one do for me but still... Forgive my moment of assistant envy. As for the link offer. Well, add me if you think my blog has anything that to offer any of your readers. Can find it at: www.artistlp.blogspot.com. It would be an honor if you do. I bet you are inundated with requests. Your blog is outstanding. I read it faithfully and want to thank you for your insight which I gain by on a regular basis.

Casey Klahn said...

Sure, Lisa. I like your (new-to-me) blog, which I think I saw via Technorati. Lots of interesting things going on there.

I'll try to post about it, too. Every year before the fairs I hire someone to help with framing and packing. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get an assistant at the fair.

This time, I have someone to help with computer and paperwork.

Anyone living in Seattle want to sit booth?

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