20 August, 2008

Artist Interview-a-Palooza

Abstract Reds Over Blues
20" x 12"
Original Pastel
Casey Klahn
Collection the Artist

Via Harry Bell, at Boogie Street, comes this blog project called The Pulse: an Artist's Survey. It is hosted by Seth Apter, of The Altered Page blog, and it features 95 artists answering 7 questions. Save this for a rainy day, and you will enloy all the new artist link surfing you know you love.


Making A Mark said...

I know - I picked this up on Harry's blog also - looks interesting

You're reminding me of O'Keeffe with this one!

Casey Klahn said...

Maybe the desert brown?

O'Keefe is good company to keep!

Seth said...

Thansk Casey for the post about and link to The Pulse on my blog. Much appreciation. And I have bookmarked your blog as well.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Seth!

Kim said...

the red makes for an exhilarating art work here Casey..I love it!!!
thanks for the link too :)

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