06 August, 2008

Beck's Interviews its Label Artists

Remember the Beck's labels? Here is the group of young artists who are label makers, and who are being interviewed in an intimate setting. They awkwardly hold their bottles, and some are rather shy, I noticed. I thought it was a very fun and enjoyable video!

The artists are: Riitta Ikonen (Finland), Tom Price (London), Simon Cunningham (London), and Charlotte Bracegirdle (UK). Becks web reveal of the labels is here.

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Casey Klahn said...

The Culinary Brewer wrote this comment:

I recently noticed the Becks art promotion as well. It's a strange way to promote your beer! You can read my thoughts here (The Beer Diary).

At his blog, TCB said:

"I find it fascinating from a marketing perspective as I see no logical reason for running such a promotion. Not only are you removing visual branding, but you are also supporting a cost which is not going to increase your market presence or sales penetration."

My response:

Throwing good money after bad, eh?

In fact, the number of people employed as artists, not to mention the plethora of non-artists who make their livings off of art (gallerists, museum employees, auction houses, catalogers, supply manufacturers and retailers, other vendors, art media, etc.) is quite a lot higher than the public may know.

A recent census has 2 million Americans listed as "Artists", with an annual income of 70 Billion. Of course, the report casts a wide net, and yet I offer the part-time artists and the broader satellite jobs that rely on the arts, too.

A bigger work force than the legal, medical or agricultural professions, BTW.

London, I understand, is booming with the Arts at present.

Think this group might enjoy the art presence on their libations?

Hey, I'm sorry to take your comment to school like this, because I am frankly very happy to find readers outside of the art community here at The Colorist.

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