27 August, 2008

C.A.W. Creative Artist Award

This is a list of my award giving:

Excellent Blogs

Meg Lyman
Julie Oakley
Maggie Stiefvater
Tracy Helgeson
Lisa Hunter
Joan DaGradi
Robyn Sinclair
Elijah Shifrin
Stephanie Smith
Deborah Paris

Made Day

Julianne Richards
Martha Marshall
Elizabeth Love
David Novak
William Lehman

Brilliante Award

Petra Voegtle
Tracy Helgeson
Deborah Paris
Lloyd Irving Bradbury
The Gang at Moleskine Exchange International, present party excluded
Adam Cope
Ann Nemcosky

Arte y Pico Award

Eden Compton
Vivien Blackburn
Harry Bell
Joan DaGradi
David Cornelius

Looks like I must really like Tracy, Joan, and Deborah because I awarded each of them twice! Some people never get meme awards from me, such as Corrine Bayraktaroglu (Jafabrit), or Kim Barker, because they are the ones giving me the award every time. Either that, or I look and see them recently receiving the same award!

I did create a virtual medal of art, called The Art Medal, which is presented with some fanfare and a letter. It is a more-serious-than-the-standard meme award and is characterized as the recognition of artistic courage. The sole awardee is Corrine Bayraktaroglu.

The Creative Artist Award goes to:

Jennifer Phillips
Mad Silence
Kate Beck
Joanne Mattera

I ask these bloggers to write roughly 100 words about artistic creativity and post them at their blogs.

Thanks, again, to Kim Barker for giving me this award!


Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Thanks for the link, Casey. Keep well.

Deborah Paris said...

Thanks for the mention and link Casey!

Kim said...

wow Casey..
you are very organised with your list ...
I shall have to do that with my awards..when I have a spare moment :) :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Casey -- I'm honored to be honored on any list from you!

Casey Klahn said...

You make my day again!

Notice, dear readers, that Martha is now at Wordpress, and her blog is one of the definitive blogs on abstract art.

jafabrit said...

I appreciate all the awards I have received Casey, but I have to say the one I got from you really means a lot to me personally and professionally.

I wish I was as organized with my list. Lately I have been miss disorganized arg!

Casey Klahn said...

Me too.

This post was easy because of tags.

I have my sights set on the next recipient of The Art Medal. Stay tuned...

Adam Cope said...

enjoyed surin' from this list

thanks for the mention

travail bien

MadSilence said...

Way to go JafaBrit!
And thanks Casey for the kind mention. Will folow up.
Kim is right on target, The Colorist is well organized. A difficult task for any part-time blogger.
You've listed many blogs I plan to visit.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Adam & Madsilence.

I need the organizational kudos, as I sit here and review my calendar/set new goals!

Joan DaGradi Studio said...

Thanks, Casey! What a nice surprise. I am very honored and appreciate your thoughtfulness.
BTW, you are sooo organized!
I applaud you, Monsieur!

Anonymous said...

I guess I've been busy preparing for the little one on the way and didn't notice this link, but thanks Casey. I'd love to catch up with you sometime soon.

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