07 August, 2008

Washington State Blogger Button

Add to my growing list of "Label Buttons", seen in the right hand column of this page, the "Washington State Art Blogger" button. When you click on the button (a map of Washington State), you will be taken to all of my posts at The Colorist with the tag featuring my local art bloggers. We few happy souls need some links, I say. If you are aware of any others, please let me know!

Students of art history may also enjoy my label lists reached by hitting the "Jackson Pollock Researcher", and the "Leonardo da Vinci" buttons. You will be rewarded with clear and comprehensive link lists for these famous artists.


Making A Mark said...

So go on - tell! How do you make the tag icons for the tag lists and then get them to pop up like that in the side column?

Casey Klahn said...

First, I'm circling today's date with red...there. Now, I'll tell you in my next post, Katherine. Thanks for the question.

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