07 November, 2008

Artist's Traits Widget

Matisse Seeing
8" x 7"
Casey Klahn

I am gratified by the response that the Artist's Traits series has generated. Certainly I am impoverished in the trait department, and there is no doubt that I need this goals-study more than any. Your readership, comments, links and encouragements are a great blessing to me, and I am thankful for that.

You may access the whole Artist's Traits series via this link.


Adam Cope said...


most excellent cartoon of maitre matisse (with a hint of bart simpson?)

casey, thanks for this speculation.

maybe i think you might be interested in Antony Storr's book 'The Dynamics of Creation' which is a fairly even-headed analysis of character traits of creative types by this Oxford professor of pyschology.

when are we going to see somemore of your colorist pastels to brighten up our blogosphere? I like the spice of modernism too, for those who do not want minaturist still lives painted in apseudo-baroque style.

c'est la vie

Casey Klahn said...

Soon, and thanks for asking.

joanieART said...

Love the drawing, and love your work! Wish you offered more workshops, or maybe online workshops? I'm a gouache painter, but your use of color strikes me to my core. Blessings! Joanie

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