26 November, 2008

The Latest FAD


News Flash!



The latest "FAD" is the new blog idea:
The Fine Art Department, created by the wonderful Tracy Helgeson.

Her cunning idea is to create a small and intimate space to show some fantastic artists who sell art on their blogs. With only about thirty or so artists at The Fine Art Department, it isn't difficult to find your Christmas gift of fine art or craft. My own art is presented there, and if you wish to buy, just find my sale blog at caseyklahn.blogspot.com.

Many of my readers over time have wondered if I even sell my art via the blogs. The answer is yes, but until now I have been very subtle about it. Call it a "fine art thing". I am very much "for" capitalism, and every artist has to earn a living somehow, but we tend to place our life's work on a pedestal. If you are someone who has never bought an original painting, do not be afraid of artists! We think of ourselves as regular people, and to tell the truth, my collectors over the years have either been friends, or else they become such after we get acquainted.

Washington State Art Blogs

I am trying to keep track of the art bloggers (and Wordpressers, etc.) who blog from Washington State. Today, I add two new links, and I have to say that I am surprised that I didn't know Rachel's blog existed! Rachel is (IMHO) a rock star whose work is highly prized in the Northwest and beyond. Why didn't I know about her having a blog? How many other Washingtonians are out there blogging away in hiding?

Local Bloggers:

Robert Chunn, of Alla Prima, in Seattle. I linked him once before, but forgot to highlight him as a WA blogger. See his great link list, even though I'm not on it (hint), it is a work of art in itself.
Rachel Maxi
Seattle Sketcher, who is part of the Urban Sketchers


jafabrit said...

I know what you mean about being subtle. I don't use my blog FOR sales, but as an art form in itself and to present art. I do want to make it possible for people to buy my work though if they see something they like. So I am thinking of adding a pay pal button or a link to a sales page next year. we'll see.

jafabrit said...

have a lovely thanksgiving to you and your family.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Casey, I thought my idea was pretty original too, until I came across a similar project after I set The FAD up. Go check out the Small Art Showcase. A collection of links to some pretty nifty artists (including myself:).

Casey Klahn said...

Corrine, You know just how I feel. The blog is a lovely way to write about, and present the art. Too much frou-frou can just mess it up.

So far, I really like the model with the extra blog. I had originally intended to make pastelsblog do this, but Tracy's method looked cleaner, and I already had a blog in my name with nothing there.

I'm sure that you could do another blog with the name corrinebayraktaroglu.blogspot...unless you think that name is already taken.

Got ya there. Happy Thanksgiving, and many blessings, Jafabrit.

Casey Klahn said...

Tracy, small art showcase looks very nice, too. The FAD looks swoofter to me, though...

Tracy Helgeson said...

You might be a bit biased Casey:)

I like having the sales blog separate from the writing blog. I actually don't like to push my work, if someone likes it they can buy it, if not, fine. That's why I always left the sales to the galleries in the past, let them be pushy!

Anyway, the hits to my chatty blog outnumber the sales about 200 to one so I guess reading me is more interesting than owning me:)))

But then I always did give it away for free, hehe

Gesa said...

What a great idea... it's a very nice blog, and yes... your comments on blog as art form or for sale resonate. Good luck!

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