29 December, 2008

Books, 2008

This year's books review might be smaller than the previous two. On the good side, I did read two double-volume sets with @ 1,000 pages each (@500 pages per book). Well, to be honest I am in the middle of the second Matisse bio, which I started twice. That's the kind of year it's been!

As my closer readers know, I had two operations this year (urology - yiick). This has made me less productive much of the time. Without papering that over, I do have positive regards for the year to report. I haven't forgotten that it was the January opening at the Karlson/Gray Gallery in Langley, Washington, that featured my New School Color pastels, and was a success. New people found my art, and began collecting.

Also, it was last winter that saw the electrification of my new studio, and a whole new chapter of studio life began. I would say that I still have no routine, partly from lack of time. My youngest little schooler doesn't go every day, yet. My being sick, and my wife's more than full time new work project have also been a huge challenge.

All of this to say that I have painted a number of works that I very much like. My plein air paintings turned a corner, and now that skill is becoming part of my repertoire.

Books 2008

The Rape of the Masters, Roger Kimball

The Unknown Matisse, Hilary Spurling

Matisse the Master, Hilary Spurling

By Volkmar Essers

On Painting, Giuseppe Verde (Still on the bookshelf)

I'd Rather Be In The Studio, Alyson Stanfield

Multi-Brand Color Chart Pastels, Marie Meyer

Pastel Painting Workshop, Albert Handell and Leslie Trainor

Outside of the art genre, I read:

An Army at Dawn, Rick Atkinson

The Day of Battle, Rick Atkinson (Get busy on the third one, Mr. Atkinson)

Ideas for my own books to write:

Drawings - Essays & Examples

New School Color - will this be the year for a manifesto on color?

A Portfolio - a catalogue of works

The Colorist - a blog book

On my wish list:

Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars In The Window
, Dan Oja.

Atkinson's third book in his victory trilogy.


Deborah Paris said...

I certainly hope 2009 will be a year of good health for you Casey. I was interested to see Rape of the Masters on your list, as well as my old friend Alberti. Are the Atkinson books about WWII- might have to take a look at those!

My very best wishes for a happy, healthy creative New Year, Casey!

Casey Klahn said...

The Atkinson books aren't the best, but sometimes I enjoy reading what I argue with. Six Flags is one I really look forward to. Turns out my dad's brothers and he may be rarer than I thought for being a family of six serving boys.

Things are looking up, and I have put in some hours in the studio. Re-starting - oy!

I am a Roger Kimball fan.

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