18 December, 2008

Record Snow?

Looking at the House from my Studio

Snow North
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Knowing how my readership loves the snow photos, I offer today's snow images.

The headline for this post borrows from the time honored newspaper method of adding a question mark if one is teasing the subject. The national news has picked my region, the Spokane area, for having the baddest weather in a nationwide series of snowstorms.

At the airport, which is not far from me, their 17" in the 24 hour period is reported to be the record. I guessed that we didn't have quite 18", but I don't wish to brag.

I remember last year having an 18" or better snow one time, but perhaps that was only local. My home, in rural Lincoln County, which is west of Spokane @ 20 miles, does get slightly worse weather. Last year, we drove through tunnels of snow to get home, and that was a long winter!

Meanwhile, in studio news, I have recently finished teaching a beginning drawing class. I'll try to get a full report up at Pastel, soon. With the small measure of energy I have, I have been cleaning and organizing the studio with hopes that I can get some artwork done. Pictured here is a large portrait study I did for a class example and tool.

It is copied, freehand, from a textbook, so nothing to write home about, as they say. I do want to get back to the figure and portrait, and I have an interesting post in that regard coming next.


colorspeaker said...

These are wonderful photos-thanks again for sharing them.

Casey Klahn said...

You bet, Julianne. The snow falls on you, now, I read.

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