16 December, 2008

Second Year at The Colorist

spinning cake giffhappy birthday gif white letters


Miki Willa said...

Happy birthday!

Adam Cope said...

blow those moving candles out???

that gif flash is moving so fast you'll need a lot of puff!

blog on & thanks for 2 :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Casey - Happy Birthday to your blog - hope you will have a lot more coming!
A pity I cannot add a graphic to this comment - otherwise I would have sent you this lovely bouquet as you can see here:


Deborah Paris said...

Happy Blog Birthday Casey!

harry bell said...

Happy Blogday, Casey! I'm sorry I've been neglecting you of late, especially since you've now done me the honour of nominating my painting Photographers for one of Katherine's awards. Thank you very much indeed. And I promise to call over to The Colorist more often in future!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks to all - I am touched. I posted the bouquet, Petra. You painted it, Harry!

Deborah, Adam and Miki, thanks.

MadSilence said...

An impressive anniversary, knowing that the majority of bloggers stop posting a few months after blog creation.

Making A Mark said...

Well done Casey - you've got to go for the Big 3 now! ;)

Casey Klahn said...

Like you, Katherine! I don't know why I started up in December, but it rounds things out, somehow.

Thank you, Mad Silence. And someday, I will find out the two of your names!

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