28 January, 2009

In the Breed

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I was driving to the city yesterday, past snow-clad fields, and I noticed a farm dog running like his tail was on fire. I thought to myself, " I wonder if he's...he is! " He was facing down a coyote intruding in his domain, and then I noticed that it was two coyotes.

"...courage is essential to the artist." Henri Matisse

I regarded that as an amazing display of courage by that dog. A pair of coyotes can easily defeat even a full grown deer, and the matter was simply that the dog had his range to defend and nothing was going to keep him from doing that!

The antipathy between farm dogs and coyotes is well known, and as a matter of fact the dog's behavior was common to his breed.

What characteristics are common to your own breed? The artist is known for artistic integrity, and presenting an abundance of that is having courage.

For a review of these traits, see the following posts: Artistic Integrity and Artistic Courage - Get It!

Have you defended your artistic space lately?


emily said...

As an art teacher in Florida we're being threatened with severe budget cuts and losing lots of jobs in the arts next year. The local union sent me a letter suggesting we get certified in another suject. It makes me really mad they think art and music isn't important to the children's education. People need to get involved and let their politicians know how they feel.

Casey Klahn said...

I didn't think of defending my artistic space that way. My thoughts were at the easel.

I know my children, just entering school, will have many shortfalls in their public education, and I'll need to step up myself to fill the gaps.

Clive said...

Always enjoy my visits here, both for your work and insight. I also love coyotes. An amazingly successful species that I've actually seen near downtown Toronto; a friend once revealed to me their secret for success. 'If it's too small to f--k, they eat it, and if it's too big to eat, they f--k it.' I hope I've got that right, I had to think about it a bit...Either way, a very brave dog indeed.

Casey Klahn said...


Plenty of the canis latrans on Vancouver, I'll wager.

The Indians called them the joker, and the saying goes about the last man on Earth. Once dead, a coyote will gnaw his bones.

But the bravery in my story goes to the domesticated canine...

Deborah Paris said...

We had some very aggressive coyotes in our area when we lived in New Mexico. They would often try to lure our dogs away when we were out walking so they could attack them as a group. I kept a shotgun at the back door to my studio because they would hang around outside the fence when our smaller dogs would go out. I admire them, but I protect myself and my pets when necessary.

Casey Klahn said...

I admire them, too. But I am armed in my rural studio, as well.

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