21 February, 2009

Mere Creativity

Author C.S. Lewis

"No man who values originality will ever be original. But try to tell the truth as you see it, try to do any bit of work as well as it can be done for the work's sake, and what men call originality will come unsought."

Clive Staples Lewis, by way of Juliette Aristides, Classical Painting Atelier.


jean neely said...

A great quote by one of my favorite writers.
That's what it's all about isn't it? To tell the truth as we see it.
At least that should be our starting place.

Casey Klahn said...

Lewis' light burns brighter the farther in time we get from his body of work.

MadSilence said...

One of my favorite authors for over 40 years. I recently picked up a copy of Lewis' Till We Have Faces. Try some of his contemporaries: Charles Williams and Tolkien.

Casey Klahn said...

Inklings? I never could get into Tolkien, but found CS Lewis' fantasy works very readable. Favorite: The Space Trilogy.

I would like to try reading Williams, though.

jafabrit said...

My artwork is thin because I am posting too much LOL! While I have been enjoying the photo challenge I will be glad when it is over (soon soon).

I like the quote and so agree about it being a good starting place.

Casey Klahn said...

It's simple sense, huh?

I've been enjoying your alphabet posts - I think a collectible set. Maybe a book idea?

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