28 February, 2009

Photo Session

Towpath in Winter after WK
8.5" x 11.75"
Casey Klahn

Tomorrow is a deadline, and so I finally got the photos taken for this set of juries. I may have to make some changes after seeing a couple of the pix - nothing like taking it to the wire!

Here is the Kahn copy as a proper jpeg. Of course, it doesn't go out to any juries - I get to keep it myself.


Robyn Sinclair said...

I've always secretly loved the rush of a deadline, Casey.

I love the certainty of your marks in this painting - very fresh and immediate.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Robyn!

The rush - but then the sick feeling of knowing that you're going to have to reformat 300 dpi jpegs for the new jury. Photoshop didn't like that, and had to keep freezing up on me!

Got er done at @ 9:30 PM, and I am reasonably happy. Next deadline, please!

Philip said...

Wonderful picture - very striking.

By the way I use GIMP as well as Photoshop which I think is rather better. Gimp is free which is even better (available on the nest).

Casey Klahn said...

Appreciate it, Philip!

I use Open Office freeware instead of Word, so I would be open to trying GIMP. It's been on my list to try, but with all things techie, I drag my feet.

Time spent on learning Photoshop is one thing that keeps me from trying the new ones, but maybe I ought to see that as time spent learning the basics, eh?

Philip said...

Gimp is actually easier in my opinion. I've never really got on too well with Photoshop.

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