23 March, 2009

Hap!y Mond@y

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Medicinal Coffee.

After a full blown rain storm yesterday, today turns out to be a beautiful spring day here in eastern Washington. But, it is pretty much wasted on me. Although my studio furnace is back in action, and my WW II monument illustration is begun (over half the battle is just beginning), I am suffering from the same flu that has been keeping my youngest out of Kindergarten. Ug. No fun, this.

gif.gif image by caseyklahn
Unnecessary Brightness

Who am I kidding? I don't even like the sun - especially when it taunts my aching head like this. My guiding hope, after getting my daughter and the rest of us well, is to be back in the studio and back to work. I'll confide to you, kind reader, in my moment of weakness, that I fear my best work for the Hoquiam River Series may have been the first one! Can that be? What does an artist do with that situation, I wonder?

Stay tuned.


Jala Pfaff said...

One keeps painting. That's all.

Hope you feel better soon, Casey!

"Half the battle..." Ha ha, that made me laugh.

Adam Cope said...

yeah know what you mean : i caught my little daughter's gastro :-(

we have to take care of ourselves & our families, especially the little ones.

bonne courage.

i find it enjoyable sometimes just to shut my eyes & see all the lovely paintings i'd like to paint swim in my mind's eye. i find this less frustrating than regretting everything that one hasn't done. even if they live only a short while in my mind's eye, then well, they pleased me for that none the less. better than frustration & despair, no?

Miki Willa said...

Wishing you good thoughts about getting well fast. About the series, it is the flu talking, I am sure. Get well, then take another look.

Anonymous said...

What does an artist do with that situation, ...?

remember that one does art to learn, not to teach, and then you shall be taught the truth you sought in the series ... (In other words: it isn't about you, it is about the art - get out the way!)

hope your flu goes soon - maybe try a multivitamin every hour for a 1/2 day? the advice is only encouragement - I figure you know what to do already.

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