20 April, 2009

In The Zone

After a 2-3 week hiatus, I hope I'm getting back "In The Zone." I had produced some great work, and then a few blocks stumbled me up - mostly schedule burps. Look for some postings of what's fresh off my easel, soon.

I often see great works being created by other art bloggers. When I am impressed by their current work, then it is obvious to me that they are "In The Zone" of creating their best work. I want to recognize this zonesmanship with a link, and I have invented a brevet to go with it. If you get one from me, don't think me disappointed with your past work - just very impressed with your current art!

The brevet looks like this:

It is not a meme, where you recite five things, and then tag another blogger. It is just me saying, "way to go," and go look at this artist's great new work. If you receive this brevet, then feel free to post it at your blog, or just smile and chuckle. You're not required to link me back, either.

Who do I feel is in the zone right now? Definitely Harry Bell, of the UK, who blogs at Boogie Street. His series on the Tram in Prague is here, here and here.

The compositions he creates in his series on public transportation in Prague (and another "Night Station," as well) are really delightful. They feature the bold red
side of a bus, figures all aboard, and set among the enchanting scenery of the old city of Prague. The buildings and streets are rendered mostly as abstract shapes, but also immediately recognizable. Simple, yet complex at the same time. His Vaporetto Series last year was a similar treatment of waterborne taxis in Venice.

Also, I won't award "Zone" brevets in retrospect, except just this once. I am very impressed with Loriann Signori's series from her trip to New Mexico, in the Southwest, recently ended. I want to credit her with an "In The Zone" brevet for being "on" while painting not just out-of-doors", but out-of-state, too! This is hard to accomplish, yet her capture of the colorfully lit SW desert is supurb.


loriann signori said...

Hi Casey and thank you. I am honored that you noticed my New Mexico series. They were a real struggle for me. I think it will take a very long time before I understand the light of New Mexico. In retrospect it was very good for me since in New Mexico I had no painting habits to rely on (for better or worse). The dry air, huge sky and desert land change everything about the color. It was like learning to paint again. This can be good:-)
Thanks again....I love your beautiful work as always.... Loriann

Jala Pfaff said...

"Brevet"--now there's a word I've not heard before.

Casey Klahn said...

I am either an old fart, or a serious anachronist-or both! Brevet is one of those terms the army uses that has little use in the broader world. It stands for those little fobs that go on a uniform. Often it means a temporary rank (I held some of these in the army) but it also includes the general insignia or badge.

Why not call it a blog award like everyone else? Cuz I like to have fun with the language!

I get the learning to paint again thing, Loriann. Seems like every break I have from the studio, I need to go back and re-learn.

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