17 May, 2009

Daily Posting Month and Andrew Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth, Memory & Magic, Knutson, 2008

If you haven't noticed, I am posting daily for a month. Tracy Helgeson did this recently, and I am now up to the challenge. Since May 11th., I have posted about all things that interest me, as well as some of my new River Series works. More of those to follow soon, as I actually have eleven photographed.

I picked up Andrew Wyeth, Memory & Magic, Knutson, 2008, at a bookstore today. I was challenged by Wyeth's recent art (which I saw in a few of his obituary articles), and am interested in his view of things.

Some thoughts from this collection of art and essays are:
  • I like Wyeth's very spare take on waterways.
  • His usage of black and white paint is interesting.
  • I have much to learn from his subject choices.
  • Wyeth's vision hangs together well.
  • Wyeth is an important American painter, in my opinion.
  • His rendering of the grass and ground is very intriguing - he often has a pathway like a deer trail running through.
My post about Wyeth's recent passing is here.

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Rose Welty said...

Looking forward to a month of posts from you...always a fun project! :D

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Rose!

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