31 May, 2009

Emily Mason

The American abstractionist, Emily Mason, uses color the way it ought to be used: with gusto! If your coloristic spirits are lagging, go see her work for inspiration.

I read an interview where she says she thrives on spontaneity, and do-overs deaden pictures for her. I relate to that, and it's nice to hear commiseration of this experience.

Emily Mason Paints with an Instinct for Color.

Three Generations of Abstract Painting: Alice Trumbull Mason, Emily Mason, & Cecily Kahn


Jala Pfaff said...

Thanks for this post, Casey! I didn't know of this artist. Love it!

Casey Klahn said...

I've been wanting to post on EM for a long time.

MainePainter said...

I just found your blog through a search for Emily Mason. Thank you! There is so little written about her, thanks for mentioning her work. She has been my inspiration for sometime as I make my way to abstractions. Linda Packard

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