13 May, 2009

Everything Matisse

"Exactitude is Not Truth," Henri Matisse

I finally found the mother lode of internet data on Henri Matisse. Why did that take so long? henri-matisse.net rocks! Thanks to Museworthy for the link.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome Casey! That site does rock :-)

Robyn Sinclair said...

Casey, I could hug you! In fact, consider yourself hugged (no offence Mrs Casey :)

I have fallen in love with gouache, but have been chasing its tail. I had access to a wonderful Matisse book in Australia but it obviously wasn't the right time - I admired the work very much but it didn't make we want to hug anyone ;)

This is a wonderful link and today has felt like Christmas as a result of you posting it. Thanks!!!!

Casey Klahn said...

It pays to surf around a bit! Glad to help, Robyn.

Kelly M. said...

Thanks for the link! I enjoyed viewing the chronology and how Matisse pared down to the essence of the thing itself. Hard to see that evolution when viewing only a few masterpieces here and there. I have a print of HM painting with a long bamboo stick while smoking a cigar -- just love it! Thank you again, Casey --

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