15 May, 2009

Good Stuff to Know for Bloggers

Brushing up on my article writing powers. This was the best advice I found, and you'll thank me for linking it. Now we can all write like the pros.

Public Service Announcement. Trouble with Alien Abductions? Your solution may be here. Haven't tried it myself.


Unknown said...

Hi Casey,
thanks for the link.Just read it! Is well worth reading it!!!

Liked your last painting very much - such a serene landscape - loved the colours!

Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

Hi, thanks for the links. I'll have to get busy on my hat, aliens are pesky.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Petra. Sue - great to see you reading here. Thank you.

Martha Marshall said...

Two excellent articles, Casey! That hat should be an improvement over my old tinfoil version.

Good to see you on Twitter, too.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Casey, for the link to better writing. I am not certain, however about the hat!:-) Humorous.

I do like these small abstract river scenes. I also like the encouragemnt to just play with strokes of color.
I need to go to my pastel box this weekend.

Good to find your site.

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