11 May, 2009

Twitter-Pation. Social Networking and an Online Poll

Pastels in a Box
Photo: Casey Klahn

In a surprise to myself, I have to say that I am really liking Twitter. Social networking sights are low on my radar, but I got talked into following Twitter and the pool of acquaintances one makes there is bigger than at Blogger. It must be because the commitment required for art blogging is significant, but Twit-ting is easy as pie.

Here are some great artists and others whom I have "met" on Twitter.

Diego Sierro at Diego Sierro.
Liz Massey at Write Livelihood.
Alissa Fereday at Fearlessartz.
Jennifer Robin at Robin's Woods.

Not to be left behind, Twitter has a blog.

To follow me on Twitter, go here. CUL8R.

Online Poll. Did you notice that I am trying a stretch template for The Colorist? I am evaluating whether stretch makes text more readable, but don't want to diminish the graphic content of my artist blog. Turns out that the images are the same physical size, but relationships of text, negative space and images are different. Please take the poll at the top right, and choose "New Stretch is Better," "Old Style with Neg. Space Much Better," "Unsure" or "Whatever! Blog On!" A quick look at my peerage shows that most artist bloggers are using the basic layout template, which provides healthy negative space at the left and right margins of the page.

Administrative Artist. My administrative tail is getting too long, and so I will need some time at the desk soon. To complicate matters, two articles will need to be written for purposes other than The Colorist. For you writers out there, look at it this way: go draw two illustrations for your next articles. Now you know how I feel. I should have listened to the Art Business Coach, Alyson Stanfield, and had these ready and on file for when the opportunity arose. Live and learn. Maybe I'd better write four, so I have two to spare! On the bright side, I can write one article as a presentation for a gallery talk - two birds with one stone.

AFN (That is all for now).


Unknown said...

Hi Casey,
funny that you are speaking of Twitter. I read the newsletter of SiteProNews today which was highly recommending Twitter. Apparently more and more companies are using this networking tool. I am not sure yet whether I should give it a try.
Did you actually realize an increase in "quality viewers"?

Guess - I have to check this out.
Regarding your blog appearance - the stretched version is easier to read of course - visually the old version was nicer. So what do YOU choose now - LOL? Guess you never can make it right for everybody?!

Casey Klahn said...

Quality viewers? Too soon to tell. I'll admit I am in arrears on getting my Google stats up and running - still using basic statcounter.

Great to hear from you, as always, Petra.

I would say the best part of Twitter is revealing artists not met before.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Casey. I admire you for trying Twitter. I myself am rsesisting, still. I feel like I already spend way too much time digital compared to making art with my hands.
Does that SpectraFix stuff really work?? I'd never heard of it before.

Casey Klahn said...

Twitter requires precious little time - no problem. My stats went nuts with this last post which I flagged at Twitter.

I like the Spectra Fix very well. I enjoy that I can use it without evacuating the studio. Use caution on La Carte, but I do use it. I still use my Lascaux also.

Brian McGurgan said...

I've resisted Twitter (and Facebook) for the same reasons Jala cites. Congratulations on being a (relatively) early adopter, Casey! I've been using Spectrafix for a couple of weeks now and like it very much, too. I'm guessing the other manufacturers will be scrambling to catch up before long. I'd been using Latour but am finding that it alters color more than Spectrafix (where the impact after it dries is barely perceptible, if at all). As I finish up the last of my Latour I'll be making a permanent switch, I suspect. I can spray indoors now without having to leave the room - and with no complaints from my wife or the cats!

Casey Klahn said...

I will probably be doing a review at Pastel for Spectra Fix very soon.

harry bell said...

I'm another Twitter-resister, having discovered that Facebook is largely a pointless time sink, but I keep seeing people recommending Twitter. Apparently HM the Queen is indulging now, but your recommendation comes higher. Maybe I'll give it a go - meeting new artists is always good.

Casey Klahn said...

And I understand the queen has 2 i-phones now as well.

My stats on Statcounter have improved by between 50% - 70% or so since I started using Twitter - which I only Twit occasionally. My new series and daily posting are concurrent, but I feel Twitter has been a part of my increase.

harry bell said...

Noted, and as you know, I've given in and signed up to the Twitter Experience now.

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