07 May, 2009

Watching the River Flow

River Pilings, Hoquiam
@ 4" x 3"
Casey Klahn

The river of my studio life flows on. Thanks for stopping here to watch the progress.

Brian McGurgan has provided us with a review of his visit to the current exhibit at the Ameringer-Yohe Gallery in Manhattan: Wolf Kahn, Toward the Larger View: A Painter’s Process. I found the following quote inspirational: "...color and tone are pushed to their extreme," Wolf Kahn. Note the pdf catalog at the gallery web site. A feast for the heart and the eyes.

Color and tone are
pushed to their extreme,
Wolf Kahn

That WK quote about his recent work is like balm to me. I struggle with the blown-out look of extreme value ranges, but still go there like a moth to the flame. Such is the attraction of pure color in all of it's permutations.

National Day of Prayer. My prayer is to be looser in my art, at the same time as my technique is improving. My God is certainly the God of paradoxes, and so I have faith that He'll answer my prayer!

Incidentally, Twitter Casey Klahn is here.

Watching the River Flow


Laura K. Aiken said...

I really enjoyed this post and the link to Wolf Kahn. What a great catalog of his work! I love that he took time to explain the steps of his process. What a wonderful artist.
Thanks Casey!

Bob Lafond said...

Casey, Thanks for the pdf link to the Wolf Kahn catalog. With this latest picture of your studio, you are trying to prove us wrong about its 'messiness'.


loriann signori said...

Nice to get a sneak peek into that river series. Can't wait to see more Casey!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Laura - and thanks for following me on Twitter.

Let's face it, Bob. My studio is a *WIP*.

Maybe we'll get the pix Friday night - but I keep adding more paintings to the list. Thanks for commenting, Loriann.

Brian McGurgan said...

This is a gorgeous sketch of river pilings, Casey. The work on your easel looks really promising, too - looking forward to seeing the photos of recent work once you're ready to post them.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Brian. I had included pilings in Hoq. River drawings, but they seemed like too powerful/distracting of an element. So, they needed their own sketch.

I know the patron who follows me closely will see in these "teasers" that my new artworks are landscapes (in the landscape aspect) that move closer to the representational. Always a change taking place somewhere, huh?

Jennifer Phillips said...

Following you on Twitter! Yahoo!
I LOVE the direction your work has taken! Can't wait to see more of the river series! Yummy!

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for commenting, Jen. Still at the fair, I guess?

I hope for traffic, and lots of patronage for you.

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