24 June, 2009

Back in Action

Back to the Studio

We are back safe & sound from the family beach trip. I did blog twice from our beach hotel in Washington, but couldn't get a connection from our camp site on the Oregon beach. Imagine that. Mild weather, big ocean fun and plein air outings at the lighthouse completed our trip. Oh yeah, I can't leave out the Newport Cafe (Oregon) and wonderful sea food baskets.

I made contact with a few galleries along the way, and hope to follow up on one invitation to send a portfolio. Several plein air pieces were at least started - about 4 or 5 I think. I really love one of them, but have hopes for the rest at least producing studio finished works, as well. Believe me, just getting the easel and umbrella and pastels set up on the beach is a huge success. I'll have pictures of all of that soon.


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Looks like you and the whole family enjoyed your trip on the Washington and Oregon Coast.
I am looking forward to painting on the Oregon coast August 3 - 15. Washington painter Erick Sandgren is the organizer of the anual summer painting on the coast with an optional workshop. http://www.ericksandgren.com/index.html
There is an article about painting on the rain coast in the spring issue of Northwest Coast Magazine.

Casey Klahn said...

How interesting to find Sandgren through your link. I see he teaches at Grays Harbor College, and that he shows around the Harbor, which is where I grew up and recently visited.

I have been invited by the mayor to show in Hoquiam at similar venues and hope that everything follows through for me with that.

I will be frustrated to not attend many of these August and September events/paint outs because of my Sausalito show @ Labor day. Looks like the NW pastel Society will do a paint out in Hood River after my show - maybe I can get it together for that one!

Thanks, Diane.

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