17 June, 2009

Being Coastal

The family and I are on the coast for a vacation. The Pacific Ocean, no small feature, is built-in to my psyche. My father and my mother, Nadine, raised me here until I was about 1 year old. Mom was born and raised at the beach. She subsisted for times on clams, and washed my diapers in the iron ore streams that empty to the ocean. I'm told that made them red.

Here is
my last post where I drew these pictures of the jetty. Hopefully, I'll have a few plein air images to post of the beach, and of the Hoquiam River, soon.

Time to relax, now.


Jala Pfaff said...

Odd that the red-diaper idea didn't catch on in a big way. ;)

Casey Klahn said...

We kept it to ourselves, I guess. Until now.

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