02 June, 2009

Getting Some California

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You say you want some California? Land Sketch has it for you
(Nathan Fowkes). Usually in watercolor - and beautifully done.

This is post #22 of my month of daily posts. I have found out much from this project. It hasn't been as challenging as I first imagined. I always seem to have something to say. And, I still have lots of content ideas rolling around in my noggin' for posts.

Here is an inventory of what I have posted so far in this project:

  • 8 original artworks posted for the first time, and all of a series.
  • 2 artworks re-posted.
  • 2 photos of the pastel box.
  • 1 knitting art photo.
  • 2 landscape photos.
  • 2 Matisse posts, with 1 portrait of Matisse and a Matisse artwork.
  • 2 book covers, one of which I am actually reading.
  • 1 Studio photo in black & white.
  • 1 meme (award received - I have 1 more to post, still).
  • 1 "coffee cup" studio news post.
  • 3 music videos.
  • 1 Map.

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