04 June, 2009

Hopper's Light

City Sunlight
o/c, 1954
Edward Hopper

Sunlight in a Cafeteria
o/c, 1958
Edward Hopper (1882-1967)

"The only thing that interests me is how the sun hits a white wall." Edward Hopper.

Eighteen Hopper Paintings.
Alone, Together. Arts Editor.
Museum Syndicate. Mother lode of Hopper Images.

The simpler I try to make my artwork, the more I value past masters who got more and more basic as they progressed. Hopper just wanted the sunlight on a white wall.

Systems Event

This is post #21 of the 30 every day posts goal. I almost missed yesterday when my router went down. I actually made the trek to town and posted from the coffee shop! I envisioned having to give up, but got the systems event resolved this morning. We'll see if my computer can hold on for the remaining few days of this project.


Rose Welty said...

Casey, so glad that you still have a connection. Before I saw your post in my reader I thought to myself, "I'll miss it when Casey doesn't post everyday." Your blog always gives me a broad range of emotion...from touching and funny, to totally bewildered (sometimes, I just don't get it :D).

Casey Klahn said...

Ha, ha. I think you've nailed my personality!

Thanks for reading daily, Rose.

harry bell said...

It's taken me a long time, but I think I'm slowly coming to the realisation that I don't need to over-egg my puddings. My most recent paintings are a lot simpler and (I think) much better for it. If it was good for Hopper - and it was - it ought to be good for me.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Casey Klahn said...

Do you see old Hopper on the side of your bus? With the angulated light - I do.

My problem is that I have been listening to the voice that says I need more detail/content. Shame on me.

harry bell said...

Yes, I felt the shade of Edward Hopper looking over my shoulder when I did the trams. I hope he was pleased.

Don't listen to that voice! It'll only lead you astray.

Casey Klahn said...

But all the other landscapists have detail...

A constant struggle.

On an interesting note, I am pouring over my new big essay/picture book of A Wyeth. Here is a fellow who paints every blade of grass in full focus throughout the canvas.

And, yet, I still find places of affinity with him. In a rather spooky instance, the exact turn of the river that I have been painting repeatedly (from an on site trip)appears in one of Wyeth's pictures. Do do do do (Twilight zone theme plays...)

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