26 June, 2009

Plein Air Plans

paptrbrtsfullabove.jpg picture by caseyklahn

Painting Near Point Brown
Ocean Shores, Washington

Yesterday I did a painting in the front yard, and so begins my month of a daily painting en plein air. Having just returned from a family vacation at the Pacific Ocean beaches in Washington and Oregon, pictured above, I am well tuned for the hard work of outdoor painting.

Yaq. Pt. Lighthouse Sub Building
Pastel & Charcoal in Moleskine
Casey Klahn

Here are some links to some recent plein air web sites and events:

Hudson River via Linda Richichi.
NW Pastel Society Paint-Outs.
Pacific NW Plein Air Painting Competition.

American Artist "En Plein Air Pearls from Painters Past."
American Artist A Conversation with Camille Przewodek.

More in my next post.

A first draft goal list for my project includes the following:

  1. Daily painting of at least one work - not a drawing, but a soft pastel work.
  2. Reorganize my pastel box to fit in my ThumBox.
  3. Refine the pastel boxes to moderate the hot colors and to "fit" the area around my studio and home.
  4. Refine my choices of support.
  5. Fine tune my usage of umbrellas. I have two, and want to get at least one to stand alone by staking it in the ground. I want to customize this myself.
  6. Get or make an extender for supports for my ThumBox.


Lisa McShane said...

Hi Casey - were you at Point Roberts - my part of the state? Or Ocean Shores? Or both? I love seeing your setup.

Casey Klahn said...


That is Point Brown, not Pt. Roberts. You got me, there. I guess my wits went with the vacation...perhaps that's a good thing.

Thanks, Lisa!

Linda Richichi said...

Thanks Casey for the mention. Good luck on all your tasks you set forth for yourself. Please post some results.
Thanks for sharing all the links you have taken the time to post. The one I read so far is a wonderful article in American Artist about plein air painting with Camille P.

Brian McGurgan said...

Looking very much forward to seeing some of your output from this month of plein air painting, Casey. Who knows, maybe you'll find it addicitive and be outdoors for months to come in all seasons. I'll also look forward to hearing more about how you refine your kit for outdoor work.

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Linda. Camille P. is teaching locally, but I couldn't make it for that one. Just got over, I guess.

Thanks, Brian. I will definitely be covering some aspects of my kit. I have a lot of ideas and one can't help but knock off rough edges with this kind of project.

My being in the yard for these first few days is artificially easy, since I can just go into the studio for things. But, I will branch out, and refine.

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