09 June, 2009

Refreshing the River - Studio News

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Pour Yourself a Cup of Joe.

Studio News.

After creating possibly my largest series of works done at one time, The River Series, I am hitting the reset button. One series that is helping me recharge has been some tiny still life works. Apples with strong compositions and color notes.

These still life works are going to be my studies for my next few River works. One big change will be the aspect will run vertically instead of (landscape aspect) horizontally. The strength of composition and color in these apple works is giving me inspiration to revive the river.

Since we aim to provide the best quality photos of my art, Lorie and I wait until dark to do our photo sessions in the studio. Finding the time for that, now that the sun sets later, is especially hard. The children are in their final week at grade school before the break, and family needs are making it hard to get to this task. So, with your kind patience, I will tease you with the promise of about 10-13 new artworks to be posted soon. The actual number depends on the axe man.

The family will be on the coast for a beach vacation next week, and I have high hopes of revisiting my Hoquiam River Series. The series is based more on actual observation than most of my work, and so the long road trip is necessary. Other plein air work will be enjoyed also on the nearby Oregon coast.

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Random News.

Washington State is known for its wonderful wine crop. Rumor has it that us older men can now enjoy the newest variety of red without the wakeful downsides.
Pinot More.

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What's Next?


Sorry - couldn't resist that. Tomorrow I will post my lessons learned regarding this past month of daily posting.

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Lisa McShane said...

Casey - love the River series. They work on a lot of levels. Love the texture of the pastel strokes.


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