21 July, 2009

Stephen Bauman Blog

Allow me to introduce a new blogging artist and teacher: Stephen Bauman. If you share my love of Italy and of Classic Realism, you will see his new blog as a treasure trove.

Bauman found my post with cast drawings, and was kind enough to comment there. Compare this with these and you will be in for a treat.

Stephen Bauman. "I was raised in Miami, FL and now live and work in Florence Italy. I teach painting and drawing at the Florence Academy of Art, under the direction of Daniel Graves."


Lisa McShane said...

Thanks Casey - very cool.

I'm hard at work on a large aerial landscape of the Similkameen. It's challenging but exciting and I'd love your thoughts on it once it's done.

Casey Klahn said...

Send it to me and I'll be happy to look at it, Lisa.

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