24 August, 2009

Silver and Shade

Shady Trees
5" x 7"
Casey Klahn

This is an image from behind our house, looking toward the pet cemetery. Finished outside, rather than in my studio.

I may connect this one to my new and upcoming Prairie Series, since farmsteads are a fixture on the prairie.


Bob Lafond said...

Casey, I am happy to see that both you and your computer are back.

I have a technical question for you unrelated to computers: when you sell a pastel, how do you package it up for shipping. Do you mat it, put in spacers, cover with plexi sheet of somekind?


Casey Klahn said...

My works are usually glazed with framer's glass, and this year we have returned to double mats - white. We space about 1/8th to 1/4 " depending on the overall size. The mat designs are generous. The frames are black matte, and contemporary.

I think I will post some booth images in the next few days with my current works. Stay tuned.

In the unusual circumstance where I ship from my studio, I use StrongBox boxes, which are awesome. And I ship air carrier fast, to avoid too much handling. So far, everything has worked out perfectly, according to my patrons.

I was just admiring your last few canal images, too, Bob.

irinapictures said...

I love the painting. Color, no details, mood. Thank you.

Brian McGurgan said...

Very nice work, Casey. Although the painting feels pleasantly spare in composition and subdued in palette, that initial impression quickly gives way to appreciation of the interesting spatial relationships and rich coloration you've achieved here.

Casey Klahn said...

None of these thoughts had occurred to me, Irina and Brian. And, you are both absolutely correct - the image is spare. You see, to me, I live with this scene 24/7/365, and so it is full of detail in my eyes.

That is strange, isn't it? One reason, perhaps, that I don't paint my own farm constantly.

Thanks to Brian (NYC) and Irina (Moscow). Blogging is quite a thing when these two great cities can visit my very remote farm!

Anita Stoll said...

I love Blue and Gray River, great interplay of shapes. Beautiful pallett.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Anita. Looks like this comment goes with the next post, but I appreciate your kindness wherever it lands.

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