01 November, 2009

Paper Work

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How do I reload elements on here?

There is nothing like finding all of those paper work projects of yours need to be done all of a sudden! Having PS Elements quit working provides some extra challenges, too. I blame my old PC. Thanks for checking back on me, and I'll be out of the administrative hole I'm in soon enough, with more news and studio stories.

Hint: I'm hanging an exhibit in the Seattle area next weekend! Stay tuned.

I haven't forgotten about my Paint for the Prize series, either. You will see the post on Content here very soon.


Lisa McShane said...

Casey - when and where is your Seattle exhibit?

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Lisa.

See my updated post, Nov. 2nd. Kirkland at N.U. on Friday. I will be there after 12 noon.

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