08 January, 2010

Seattle Rain

Do take the time to follow Susan Abbott's A Painter's Year. Usually in Vermont, this watercolorist is touring the Pacific Northwest right now and is live-blogging by posting her paintings. Today's Seattle image, Seattle Street Corner, hits the nail on the head.

Did I mention it rains there?

gif by i karen


Unknown said...

Thanks for putting the spotlight on this wonderful artist! Her work is terrific.
Also - I like the rain video you posted.

Kelly M. said...

Casey -- She is probably very happy to be away from all the snow we've been having here in New England! Ha! Thanks for the link -- Hope all is well with you!

Lisa McShane said...

Casey I loved how your raindrops video looked on my blog dashboard. So cool!

You make the rain look special.

Casey Klahn said...

Hey, Kathy, Kelly and Lisa.

It is a great gif but I can't take anything more than curatorial credit. (Everyone's a curator now, huh?)

I think my new laptop pc is capable of making gifs - I'll have to discover this and start making my own. As of now, I find them at Photobucket.

Clive said...

very interesting new posts, but no time yet to delve into some of your links. Just good to browse some of your drawing and pastel work for the time being. Very interested in the beeb doc on beauty...interested in terror and beauty...the sublime, something you probably are too as a mountaineer not to mention as an artist.

Casey Klahn said...

Good to talk, Clive. The vids eat up one's interent kibbles, but I enjoyed em.

I haven't climbed at all since number one son came along. Not out of sensibility, just the simple lack of time. Now, I have replaced that with hunting, because I can stay close to home.

Still, I remember my climbing days...(insert lies and stories here)

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