14 January, 2010

Studio in the Mist - An Update

Local Landscape in Mist
Graphite on Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

You are long overdue for a studio news report, and so today we'll get caught up. But first, here is an around-the-blogosphere update.

A recent post at Observe Closely, by Jan Olsen, addresses 5 Elements of a Successful Artist's Blog. I am working on my response to her post, and recommend her well designed blog to you.

Over at Katherine A. Cartwright's Studio blog, Katherine and her readers have just finished a three post exercise in trying to define what art is. To do it right, begin with her challenge first, Is It Art?, then proceed to Results... and lastly: Summary: What is Art?, to see how it all shakes out. Well worth your time, and not a few chuckles will be had!

The Colorist is now coming to you formatted on my new laptop pc. Sorry Mac-heads, I just couldn't afford the time to relearn all of my hard-earned but meager e-savvy. The time savings I am enjoying is phenomenal - it's as if I have an extra 2 hours added to my day. My old laptop now serves merely to run my old Photoshop version 2.

Bald Ridge in Haze
Graphite & Pastel on Sketch Paper
Casey Klahn

Studio News.

My studio is humming with activity. We have had snow, but now are suffering a mid winter thaw. This morning I slipped on a shield of ice and had to lay there like a beached whale for a minute wondering how stupid a guy has to be to step on 2" of ice with rubber boots. Ouch. Both kids are home with sinus infections, and I am sharing that with them, myself. Ugh.

There are a number of new works in the studio, waiting for the photographer to capture them. In the meanwhile, I have taken some informal photos of sketches
with my point-and-shoot, and two of them are posted above. Enjoy these over the next few days, and don't be too critical of the focus. I am totally in debt to my wife and her fantastic skills with the lens.

Speaking of lens skill, Lorie has taken a series of portraits of your artist on the occasion of my recent awards. See one of them below. Time to get out some newsletters and press releases, and in the mean time you get to enjoy my "mug" in the next few posts.

I am working on three new series, and on my studio goals and direction. I will review my old goals for you, and we can walk through the new ones. But, as usual, I don't find this stuff easy and I am still at this task. Stay tuned.

The Colorist update.

A while back, I got rid of the blogger profile tool here at The Colorist. It was too blogger for my tastes - trite and dull. On the right, see my new link to a refurbished blog profile. More remodeling will be forthcoming here soon.

The Colorist blog is swinging along very well. Statistics are up and there seems to be some synergy developing as far as the popularity and readership here. Thanks to everyone who has been reading, and to those bloggers who link to me.

Casey Klahn
January, 2010
Photo: Lorie Klahn


Unknown said...

Wow...lots of news, indeed! I hope you didn't hurt yourself in the fall on the ice. Your studies are terrific. I can see that you have a strong connection to the out-of-doors. And, you're working on three series simultaneously! Bravo. Please tell your wife that she's a great photographer. Thanks for the nod to my blog.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks for reading, Kathy!

I am fine, as I missed any hard objects - although the stone steps would've been bad news.

Thanks for looking at my sketches. I am amazed at what a talented photographer can bring out of a camera - as Lorie does.

SamArtDog said...

You're lucky you bounce better than I do. Be careful; winter lies in wait for over-confidence.

Casey Klahn said...

Are you still sportin the red arm cast?

Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

I liked the blog Observe Closely. Wouldn't it be great if there were a spot to subscribe to updates? I book marked but I guess I'm lazy, I want them in my inbox. Thanks for sharing

Casey Klahn said...

Yeah, I gave Jan the hint. Her blog has some of the best graphic organization I have seen.
It is hard to organize widgets, isn't it, Sue? There are so many, and yet they clutter you up so quickly. I admire the cleanest look - gotta work on mine to slim it down. I need the blog diet.

Jala Pfaff said...

Hi Casey,
Nice b&w mug shot!
I really like the b&w sketch too. Guess I'm just in a kind of b&w mood.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Jala!

I was under a Russel Chatham spell when I did that one, although it is from my own memory (local scene).

Brian McGurgan said...

Glad you survived your fall, Casey - take it easy on that ice! Hope the pain is subsiding and your sinus infection, too. Beautiful drawings - I especially like the first one.

Casey Klahn said...

Thanks, Brian! Do you know any upstate artists who do the figure and would take a commission?

Mary Anne Cary said...

Casey, like your work. It is always amazing to me that there are so many different pastel painting styles! Great colors!

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Mary Anne! From Maine to Washington - quite a journey through the internet, huh?

loriann signori said...

Hi Casey, sorry to hear about your medical type struggle1 Drag.. I really like your new small sketches and will check back to see how they grow. Your new blogger profile is great… love the red. It does have a certain flair, Nice to have such good connections fro great photography.
PS Suggestions for a figure artist in upstate NY...have you seen Gretchen Kelly's work? Great stuff. She's on my blogroll.

Brian McGurgan said...

Hi Casey - glad Loriann suggested an upstate artist for you. Nobody comes to mind for me. I have artist friends who live upstate but none who do figure work (at least not at a professional, fine art level). Good luck!

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