24 February, 2010

Banners and Badges

#1. New banner, gray with green.

#2. New banner, brown with green.

#3. New banner, green with orange.

The time has arrived to replace my aging blog banner. Here are some designs, and I am asking you to
vote on your favorite. You might expect me to be a whiz at design, but I have too much respect for that profession to think that I can just rip out designs like a pro. It is a skill I struggle with. Help me out by voting for the one you think should top The Colorist blog.

There is a school of thought that says you should get straight to the content in your blog, and not delay everything with a big banner. The idea is to either dispense with the banner and go with text only, or place the thinnest banner at the top of your blog. My own view is that I write an artist's blog, and
I want visual impact. The little picture icons that are now part of blog rolls do a nice job of headlining each new post, as does the post title. The majority of readers are fed by their subscriptions, and recognize the blog plenty well when they get here.

Except that now you'll be seeing a fresh banner. But which one? Please vote in the poll at the right hand sidebar. In addition, I will offer a brag banner for those who so desire to advertise that they are one of the smart readers who visit here often. Whichever banner is chosen, I will be complimenting it with a badge like the one below.

The How to Mind Map Your Blog post is written, but I need to tweak it a little more. Stay tuned, mind travelers.


Lisa McShane said...

Please not #2 - it looks more mauve than brown on my computer screen. I have strong opinions about mauve...

Casey Klahn said...

I'm chuckling, Lisa, because before I cleared the comments, the field was tied, but after I did, the brown one pulled ahead.

The three color choices are picked via the photoshop color picker (eye dropper tool) from the art itself.

Would the "mauve" be any better if it were darker?

I may use my prerogative to adjust the words a little after the color is selected.

Thanks for the voting, everyone!

Casey Klahn said...

I'm messin' with ya, Lisa.

I didn't decide on the brown one, but it occurred to me that I could try each one out when it is in the lead. Enjoy.

Casey Klahn said...

Let's try the green one today, since it is a statistical dead heat. BTW, I voted,too - which handicaps the vote.

Jala Pfaff said...


Casey Klahn said...

Now I have a comment for, and one against the controversial #2. Another reader de-lurked and e-mailed for #1.

We have a statistical dead heat.

I may need to take this up with the folks at Twitter and FB.

Casey Klahn said...

My wife thinks I'm nuts to poll my very loyal readership. She feels that those disappointed will rebel. And do what, I wonder?

OTOH, I see the even spread as evidence that we have 3 reasonably good designs.

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