03 March, 2010

Banner Banter - Banners I Like

Blog banners I like are linked below. Tomorrow I'll post a "How To" for those who want to upgrade their own blog banner.

Paint2day (modest sized banner)
Chris Earnhart (irony and graphic pop)
Deborah Paris (has a new banner!)
Jennifer Phillips (artist in action)
JafaBrit's Art (story time)
Laura K. Aiken (remember to include your name like this)
Charley Parker (thin to win)
Brian McGurgan (definitive art image)


loriann signori said...

Can't wait to learn! Thanks Casey!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Casey, as always, food for thought. Thanks for links and the variety of banner ideas. I went from no banner to a photo banner but I'm not sure that I will stick with it. I don't like that it causes my latest post to fall below the page break (below the fold as they used to say in newspaper days).

Laura K. Aiken said...

Oh wow Casey! I love it!! Great job and it was time (teehee). Thanks so much for including me on your banner likes...I am honored. Still diggin your work too.

jafabrit said...

Banners say a lot more than we imagine, yes? thanks from me too for influding me in your banner list :)

Hope all is well with you at your end. I seem to have creatively meandered into a whole new zone lately.

Brian McGurgan said...

Thanks for the mention, Casey! Glad you feel my banner works. I like the choie for your new banner - very inviting.

Casey Klahn said...

I actually had to look pretty hard to find artists with banners such as this. The viewpoints are as diverse as the blogs we all post and read.

More blog revamps to go, although the strategy is pretty much in place.

Thanks to Brian, Corrine, Katherine, Laura and Loriann

Bongo Kojak said...

Thank you, Casey. It took a few test runs to get there but I'm pretty happy with it now. I'll certainly keep it around awhile longer now.

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