21 July, 2010

Teasing The Posts

Loriann Signori at the Easel

Since my days remain at about 400% over-capacity for my ability to deal with my schedule, sleep, and blogging, I will put you off, dear readers, for another day. This post will tease the exciting posts I plan to make next. Bears. Galleries. Art Fairs. When Bloggers Meet. And, best of all, painting with "The" Loriann Signori!!

For the impatient, Loriann posts her version of this adventure here.

Be back soon.


Nika said...

Aww, look at that girl in her painiting mittens... Adorable!
Can't wait to hear the rest of the stories.

Casey Klahn said...

And you shall hear them real soon, Nika.

To all my commenters, I am back and promise to answer you forthwith. I am sorry I have not answered, but I have read all with delight.

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