30 August, 2010

On The Road Again - An Artist's Reality Blog

I Should Have Been a Country & Western Singer, Instead of a Painter...

To borrow the phrase from Willie Nelson, I am on the road again...to Sausalito. I intend to live blog the Sausalito Art Festival, which means I will try to write you a post a day. This year, the festival has cranked back the schedule, allowing me some breathing room to post. Artists sometimes spend 12 hours in their booths during event days, and that doesn't count the set-up day or days, which are brutal. Sounds like a reality show premise, huh?

Today I left home in eastern Washington, and traveled through the Columbia River Gorge. Since I follow Celeste Bergin's blog, I knew she would be at the Columbia Center in Hood River, Oregon and I made it a point to stop by. They are receiving paintings created en pein air - many during this week's plein air event in the gorge. I also got to meet Celeste's husband, David, who is the photographing this event. I enjoyed picking his brain about digital tasks. They will probably post the pictures taken of Celeste and I, to prove that bloggers do meet sometimes in real life.

The four or five oil paintings that Celeste will show make this exhibit well worth your visit. Her works are very uninhibited, and make me want to take up the oil medium.

I met an artist at the gallery of whom I am a big fan: Eric Bowman. He is humble, and I really admire his ease of expression in the landscape. He is very talented: Eric Bowman.

Cathleen Rehfeld is a friend of Celeste's. Her plein air oils of the gorge are inspiring, and they earned my "blue ribbon" rating. Judges take notice. She blogs here.

I am on the 5 in Oregon, and am taking a few days to get to the bay area and Sausalito. Stay tuned for more updates as I live blog on the road. Preview: you might get to see your author in his tuxedo on Friday. Woo hooo.

Need more country music for the road trip? I thought so. The Highwaymen Live.


Deborah Paris said...

Good luck Casey! I will look forward to your updates.

Celeste Bergin said...

Hey Casey--that was so incredibly fun to see you today. I blogged about it! LOL!
You knew I would! Thanks for the shout out. I am indebted to our mutual friend Katherine van Schoonhoven who told me one day "you've GOT to see this Casey Klahn guy!" I'll be checking your blog for all your updates. Thanks again for stopping by to see us!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great venue! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Casey Klahn said...

So happy you are commenting, Mary.

Hey, Deborah! What a pleasure to have you following my road trip/festival set.

Celeste, you are the wired artist of the year, IMHO. Both in reality and online, you are very well connected. Great to meet you, David and the artists in HR. It was a pleasure to see your oil paintings!!!

Brian McGurgan said...

Best of luck in Sausalito, Casey - you've got a great body of work to show and I'm sure it will generate lots of interest. I'll look forward to your updates.

Casey Klahn said...

Much appreciated, Brian.

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