13 September, 2010

Running on Fumes

I am still running on empty. What a season!

Also, I am happy to have readers visit from Katherine Tyrrell, and I hope she'll give us some of the attention that London has been getting. We've missed her regular posts over the summer.

I am getting ready for an exhibition in Spokane in October, and I'll tell you more about that soon. Also on the front burner will be getting back to daily posts at The Colorist Daily. I need to make sure what my inventory is, and do everything right more than immediately, if that makes sense.

See you soon.


Unknown said...

Hi Casey, Sorry I haven't kept up lately but will try to in the future now that I'm back in New York. I'd love to hear more about your exhibition in Spokane. How many pieces will you hang?

Casey Klahn said...

I'm happy you're back from Maine, Kathy.

I don't know what I'm showing, yet. My art is still boxed up from my California trip, and there are several in the studio to be cleaned up.

I'll be posting a formal release about my award, and then I'll do a post or two about the Spokane show. I also plan a How To Paint For The Prize reprise - it will be quite different from last year's.

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